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2018: Round Up

I can’t describe how grateful I am for the year of work, travel, weddings, trips and friendships that manifested across 2018; it’s slightly overwhelming as I sit here and reminisce on the last 12 months. I’ve actually been SO busy, it’s taken me an extra month or so to get this post written and published for you all, but in all honesty, that’s a good thing and I’m thankful to be kept this busy. 

Entering the beginning of the year as a freelance photographer,  wedding bookings are usually the only ‘certain’ I have ahead of me and aside from them, everything else is just an unknown. My relationships with clients I’ve built over the years tend to bring in repeat work and bookings as I shot blog content, campaigns and look books; welcoming the excitement and anticipation of new relationships too, helping business build their brand image and identity as well as working with new models, stylists and fellow creatives to further push my own images, experience and knowledge, which this year, I certainly have done.

I feel like the body of work I’ve produced this year has been some of my best to date and I’m super excited and thankful to have worked and collaborated with the calibre of like minded people that make ‘work’ as exciting and inspiring as it is. Establishing a style and aesthetic for Ann’s Cottage and Sadie jewellery for a second year has been so rewarding and it’s incredible to hear that because of this, Ann’s Cottage have now approved another 6 shoots with me this year instead of the usual 2 so that we can really grow their imagery and presence. Working on my own shoots and projects has been a great benefit too, providing me with an outlet to test and experiment with new models as well as enable me to attract the right brand and clients to work with in the future.

W e d d i n g s

I’ve had a wonderful year of Weddings and engagement shoots that have seen me capturing beautiful couples all over Cornwall and into Devon too. The locations, decor, styling and weather have had an incredible impact on what I’ve produced so I’m super thankful to each couple for welcoming me in to share their intimate days with them and for having such great taste. It’s always amazing that as well as the fashion side of my photography, I’m able to work with the same like minded clients and direction within the wedding industry too; sharing my excitement with each couple over table decorations, florists I’d recommend and their love of the ocean and countryside that often brings so many people to Cornwall. It’s great to see the industry thriving down here and know that there are so many options available. 

As most of you will know, or at least be aware of, I also work alongside bloggers and other small business’s to create content for the ever competitive realm of social media - where to be noticed you require fresh imagery to share as you update your following daily; whether equine blogger, Cornish wellness brand, Ethical blogger or local beer and I’ve been fortunate enough to work with exactly these markets, producing headshots, product shots and promotional material for their sponsors or affiliates and it’s been so educational! The lifestyle photography element of my work also saw me on a yoga & swim retreat back in September where I attended and documented the retreat along with providing imagery of the swimsuits each guest was gifted with.

T r a v e l

As well as attending workshops and shooting all over Cornwall in the summer, certain brands have required me to head a little further afield. Working with my paddle-boarding club Wesup as we build their brand and image I was incredibly fortunate enough to travel with them to Montenegro as well as their centres in both Falmouth and Southampton. I also formed a very exciting new relationship with Venture sail this summer that had me living onboard Tall ship Johanna Lucretia in the Isles of Scilly AND getting flown out to the Canary Islands, sailing between Tenerife and La Gomera, to capture and document 36 meter Twister, sharing the lifestyle and routines on board as I travelled.

I’m so happy to be in the position I currently am within my job and the wonderful people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. As you can tell, I spend a lot of time outside working with fantastic creatives, all from within Cornwall which I guess will come as a surprise to many because…well “nothing happens in Cornwall’ ;)

So if you’d like to start up a conversation about how I can help with your business, whether you’d be looking to test with me, or discuss your wedding day, do please contact me here.



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