Lizzie Churchill | Fashion & Wedding phototgrapher

An engagement with: Emma & Sam

This was a special one. For a few reasons. But mostly because this beach is the exact spot that both Emma & Sam have been visiting together for just one night a year for the last … years. It’s also where they had one of their first dates, and where Sam almooooost proposed! Luckily he proposed earlier in the year, so that when they returned, I would be ready to meet them, camera in had to capture their beautiful engagement photos.

I’d actually met Emma & Sam earlier in the year to discuss their super exciting Wedding plans for next year, so it was great to see them again, with some sun, clear skies, bbq, prosecco and a gorgeous sunset! We only had the one day to play with so Emma knew that we needed to plan everything before they headed down, timing’s, outfit and the dog. We had actually planned to meet in the day but I’m so glad we postponed until sunset to really capture the magic of this beach and their romantic setting. Emma knew exactly what she was after and having seen examples of my previous shoots at Kynance Cove and Bedruthen steps, we merged the two to form a beach sunset engagement shoot with a gorgeous floaty dress - perfect practice for their big day next year!

This is exactly what’s so great about engagement shoots when booked pre-wedding; they’re like a little mini rehearsal and practice for what kind of style and posing is best suited to them as a couple. Emma had mentioned they’d like the more informal shots where they felt less ‘staged’ and posed in front of the camera so we took it real easy and chatted the whole time between ourselves, almost as if I wasn’t there! Some of the things I suggested were to walk along the beach (nice and easy one), to stand hand in hand, sit up on the rocks to watch the sunset, and for Sam to stand behind Emma and wrap his arms around her - in a nice way! We then chilled around the bbq, poured a few glasses of prosecco and waited for the sun to drop that last little bit towards the horizon. This is when we could finish the session with some prosecco in hand to really highlight that beach side engagement AND capture a winning family shot with Calli by their side! Emma & Sam, you were absolute naturals the whole time and I CANNOT wait for us to do this all over again on your Wedding day, although I’m sure I’ll be seeing you before! This shoot was so much fun and I can’t believe it was only our second meeting - we always knew we’d meet but who knew it would be beachside (again) for engagement photos. We clearly have a theme going so enjoy your summer, and I’ll see you by the sea! ;)

If you’re thinking of booking your own engagement session, a few tips I can suggest to you are to think about location and light as it can really change the atmosphere of the shoot, dependant on what you’re after; and you’re outfits, this can also completely change the style of the shoot so have a look at some images and think about what it is you like - is it the movement of a dress? Is it neutral tones and colours? What about a countryside shoot overlooking hills and valleys in the distance? Will the shoot be romanic and soft or more laid back and playful.

If you have any questions do get in touch and we can discuss your plans if you’d like to head out for photos too!

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