Lizzie Churchill | Fashion Photographer

An engagement with: Felicity & Luke

Who knew that one of my most last minute shoots (booked 48 hours before arrival time) would turn out to be one of my most favourites…ever. The reason for this? Luke proposed to Felicity at Kynance Cove only ONE week to the day previously so wanted to celebrate with some engagement images in the exact same spot before they headed back to Dubai that same week! And who am I to turn down ANY of the above..?!

The weather looked incredible so we were all set an excited for the day ahead….except one small problem; we were in one of the most beautiful spots in Cornwall in the middle of the summer holidays. Now, despite Kynance being a spectacular spot, I’d never previously had problems parking up there — until this day. I had to queue going down to the Lizard and queue off the turning straight into the first overflow parking field on my right…at the end of a very long walk down to the beach. Great. Fortunately Felicity & Luke got there just before I had and spotted me arriving otherwise problem 2 would have been imminent as the plan was to meet at the bottom! The real problem ‘2’ was in fact that with this phenomenal amount of people all descending on the beach we were going to struggle with space on the beach to shoot. With some quick thinking and a few ‘location’ changes with some clever angling though, i’m pretty sure we almost managed to make it look like we were the only ones on the beach!

I had the best day shooting with Luke & Felicity as we wandered around and snapped away. We spoke on the walk down about how they wanted to go for a very relaxed and informal approach to their shoot with nothing too staged or fussy so that’s exactly what we did. I documented them with a couple of suggestions of which way to walk, how to stand and where they should look but apart from my small amount of direction, we kept it very social and fun. Perfection! 

Another suggestion I make to couples is to consider their outfits for the day; you’ll usually want to go for something fairly neutral, simplistic but complimentary towards each other and I have to say, Felicity’s choice was all that and more. Having a dress emphasised the crazy winds we had that day which created beautiful movement and fluidity to the images as well as a feminine touch. Using the rocks, stones, sand and ocean as different backdrops, the tones and textures really pulled to the colours in the outfits too which I absolutely LOVE.

All in all, theres nothing I can fault about this shoot and I’m incredibly grateful to Felicity & Luke fro trusting me to capture their session just how they imagined it. Even if it was windier than we anticipated - I think it only added to the day!



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