Lizzie Churchill | Fashion Photographer

Azura Bay

After our test shoot for Azura Bay back in February, Corinne and I were delighted to hear we’d been booked to then shoot some bikinis from their SS/16 range too! I knew we wanted bright tropical waters and I also knew just were to find them in Cornwall. With such a vast, varied coastline, we are honestly spoilt for choice down here but for this shoot Porthcurno provided all we needed and more. Setting off in the morning down to the very end of Kernow we were greeted by crystal waters, the most soft white sand and weather to die for. I’m pretty sure that this was the first time I myself was in a bikini while shooting too; and that’s something i’m definitely not complaining about.

Corinne and I absolutely adored the two swimsuits - not only did they look amazing and get a lot of compliments but throughout the day Corinne expressed how comfortable they were and how she was confident they’d ‘stay put’ whilst surfing (HUGE bonus for all surfers!). Both are available on Azura Bay’s shop but be quick as they’re proving to be incredibly popular!

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