Lizzie Churchill | Fashion Photographer

Corinne Evans

For my next ‘In the Life’ instalment, I thought it was only fair I brought you Corinne Evans! After a year and a half shooting together we’ve produced images for Animal, My Protein, Northcore and C-Skins as well as the beautiful Azura Bay (see our shoot here)!

When you’re an athlete, fitness becomes an essential and key aspect of your lifestyle which means you need to get out, keep fit and maintain a healthy and balanced diet. A day in the life of Corinne will regularly include a coastal run and/or yoga ON TOP of the work out she naturally gets from surfing. Arm and core strength is super important so an all round workout keeps her in tip top condition!

Once her workout is complete, it’s time for a surf check, pit stop back at the car then off to chase those waves! Packed with a warm change of clothes, flask and beauty products to protect those gorgeous locks we headed back to the coast! I honestly can’t think of better way to make a living and I’ll be joining Corinne again soon for another day of coastal walks, surfing and camp fire cooking!

To purchase Corinnes My Protein outfit or any Northcore products, just follow the links above! I’d happily buy that surf board just to look at! (all the heart eye emojis)



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