Lizzie Churchill | Fashion Photographer

The Gentleman’s Club

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Back in November I had the absolute PLEASURE of working alongside the lovely Charlotte Lodey off of EVE Wedding Design on a shoot that would demonstrate her creative design skills ready for the launch of her business. Our first meeting was held over coffee at Gylly beach café were we discussed ideas and themes for the shoot. Before long, we’d decided that something along the lines of a smoking room, leather chairs, cigars, tattoos and 1920s style suits would be an incredible way to put the groom in the lime light, focusing on an alternative approach to dressing on the day with a nod to an era of finer style and discerning gentlemen. At this point our excitement was almost non-containable as we got to work and planned for ‘shoot day’. From arranging suits for the models, deciding locations, prop collecting and colour pallets to art direction on the day, Charlotte’s professional event planning experience was obvious.

I think it’s fair to say that ‘shoot day’ at the beautiful Alverton Hotel in Truro was a day that we’ll all remember. The day was everything Charlotte and I imagined it would be and more! The atmosphere was very relaxed and Charlottes friendly and approachable charisma made her a pleasure to be around, lifting everyones spirits. We all laughed so hard I genuinely had jaw ache by the end of the day as I left with a huge smile on my face.

Thank you SO much to models Treve Stevens, Lance Ashton, Kyle Richardson and Jay Wilson for all your hard work and brilliant sense of humour, you all made the shoot so enjoyable.

Thanks also to Moss Bros Falmouth for all their help arranging and fitting the guys suits.

If you, or ANYONE you know is getting married in the near future, I cannot recommend EVE Wedding Design enough! From the moment you meet Charlotte, you’ll realise what capable hands your special day will be in. So why wait any longer. Go check out her page for all your wedding planning and co-ordination needs!

“Our quirky creative process gives everyone a unique and tailored experience. We understand the importance of creating an individual and memorable day and offer a range of services to suit your needs. We design the wedding package around you which can include anything from full planning and on the day co-ordination to artistic direction and inspiration workshops.” - EVE

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