Lizzie Churchill | Fashion Photographer

Jade & Mic

What a way to end 2015. Sat in the cliffs of Torpoint in the most amazing fort with two of the most lovely families ever; partying away into the New Year whist celebrating the biggest wedding of the year for everyone there. The long awaited wedding of Jade & Mic - the childhood sweethearts, finally marrying after 16 years together.

Arriving along the most stunning stretch of Cornish coast to the fort I headed across the bridge to the roof of Polhawn then down the spiral staircase, directly into the hall where the service was held. Jade, all her bridesmaids and family were arranging flowers, tables, candles, fairly lights and bunting before they went to their rooms down the corridor and along the floor below to start prepping for the big day. There was such a relaxed atmosphere around the whole fort as everyone popped in and out of each others rooms helping each other with hair and make up; plus keeping an eye on one of the flower girls who may or may not have got hold of one of the girls lipsticks. ;)

As the guests started arriving the fort filled with excitement and nerves as the Bride and her Bridesmaids finished their prep just two rooms away! Once everyone was seated and the Groom and his best men were in place all that remained was for the beautiful bride to walk down through the stunning red-brick arched roof building filled with fairly-lights, candles and their eagerly awaiting guests and family. The most cosy, romantic and atmospheric aisle I’ve seen yet!

Not a dry eye remained after their exchange of vows and placement of rings and so with their first kiss and official document signing the proud and relieved couple then turned toward their packed-out ‘hall’ and headed back down the aisle as the new Mr & Mrs Peel.

From here on in the wedding party mingled and caught up inside and out (between horrendous winds and showers!) while the room was transformed to seat the 100+ guests for their evening meal and drinks. I couldn’t get over how magical the building was; I was convinced by the end of the day that I needed a fairly-light tree in my house along with constantly lit candles…everywhere. Certainly makes me realise how much effort goes into decorating such a vast space for a wedding, and everyone involved really did themselves proud!

After some brilliant, rather emotional and even a surprise speech from Jade and Mics niece (I almost cried too!), it was obvious how much love these two families have for each other. Their involvement in each others lives, respect and gratitude was heartwarming and this extended way beyond blood, to everyone else in the room. It’s moments like this that remind me how lucky I am to be welcomed in on these special days to not only witness, but capture exactly how I see it.

Evening celebrations were then well on their way as the tables were cleared for the first dance after more guests arrived to celebrate and party into the new year with them. After joining everyone for a couple of hours I then popped back to my room to grab my camera one last time on this day to capture the moment we hit midnight. Sitting on the spiral staircase, I looked down at the room as they counted down before a huge cheer of “Happy New Year’ chimed and everyone embraced in a mass of hugs and kisses. It was the most adorable site to witness and I couldn’t help but sit and smile.

Thanks again so much to Jade, Mic, the Cracknell & Peel family AND friends for having me. Here’s to a super happy and healthy future together. X

Location - Polhawn Fort

Dresses - Lavender Rose

Suits - Ted Baker at Moss Bros

Flowers - Emma at Jackie Phillips Flowers

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