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Life Unexpected

I’d like to introduce to you all the lovely Chloe, from Life Unexpected blog, who I had the pleasure of finally meeting and catching up with while we captured some new headshots for her blog and new business venture. Chloe and I have known each other for easily over a year now but having only ever spoken in a mutual creatives group we’re both members of, we’d not yet met in person! This is actually a prime example of why networking, social media groups and a shared interest between a circle of creatives is so important - you can collaborate with so many like minded people, help each other out, learn new skills, become introduced to new people and generally grow as a business, whatever field you’re in, and this is exactly what happened. Chloe’s blog is a mixed lifestyle blog that documents her travels, family life, her beautiful daughter, fashion and all in between so as you can imagine, content and imagery is crucial to telling these stories and putting out her message in a much more inspiring and visual way.

With this in mind, Chloe contacted me about gathering some head-shots to use on her blog as well as to help promote her new business.  Chloe aims to release a variety of courses and content that’s designed to help other small businesses build their profile; helping them flourish on social media in exactly the same way she has done herself, especially encouraging those Mums who want to start they own ventures, and small businesses working flexibly around their busy family lifestyles.

So why are headshots so important? There’s actually a few reason why it’s good to hop in front of the camera and the first, I’d like to say, is because quite honestly, people need to know who it is they’re talking to. No, it’s not the most vital thing in the world, but I don’t know about you…I like to know a little about someone before I invest in their services, product or business. It’s also a much more personal aspect which I think is pretty important and if someone visits your website or profile and feels like they can connect and relate better because they know what you’re like, maybe your interests/hobbies, location and your ‘vibe’ then chances are, they’re more likely to book you. They’ll feel like they know you and therefore will engage on a different level, like you would face-to-face. Another reason is that it looks much more professional. I’m not talking ‘selfies’ with puppy ears and numerous filters, I’m talking about taking the time and investing in a photographer to take some professional headshots that will in turn, keep your business looking more professional.

Should you all be thinking about getting headshots? Well…yes! Even I have recently been posting images of myself a little more on social media (Instagram!) because I feel like people can then really engage with who I am and what I’m about. Usually these are of me on a paddle-board or out on the coast but in the same week that Chloe and I met, I too had some new headshots taken by my photographer friend Olivia Bossert - we both did! The perks of a photographer friend eh?!

Head-shots can be taken pretty much anywhere you fancy..? Olivia had hers taken at her own home office so that she can share her working environment, mine were taken in my local coffee shop and Chloe’s were taken at Gwithian where we took advantage of the beautiful Cornish sun and sand! Picking two outfits so that we could change half way through, we walked, talked, stopped and with gentle direction from me, we kept it very calm and natural for the shoot playing with distance, texture, pose and feel of each image so that Chloe has a variety of mages to work with. Wearing a bag meant that Chloe didn’t feel awkward with hand placement so ‘props’ or pockets are always a good idea and instead of being stood still, we kept moving which also add’s movement to the image.

Do contact me if you’re thinking this is something you may be interested in and you too could have a selction of images like Chloe’s below. :)

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