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The Noah Project

From concept to shoot in 8 days. Just how to get a job done.

A few people now have asked my what this Project is about and what the t-shirts are for so I wanted to explain a little about The Noah project.

It was the brain child of four new Mums who were enjoying their first ventures into parenthood. Through local mother and baby groups they became aware of one mother who was fighting a daily battle to feed herself and her children. As any parent knows, we will do anything to protect our children and with that sense of unequivocal determination to help this poor mother and others like her, the four embarked on a personal mission to make their lives just that little bit easier.

Fast forward from 2014 to 2016 where the Noah Project not only has a few fresh new members, a new identity and even more passion and commitment to fighting a great cause for so many others but have the added bonus of the Noah t-shirt. Here’s where I introduce you to Johnny Pearce. Wanting to push the project further, the next step was to become a registered charity; and to do this, apparently you need to have raised at LEAST £5,000. So Johnny took it upon himself (and his team) to accept this challenge, go out there and raise the money all before Christmas. Except when you’re Johnny, ‘months’ is too long; what he did it in, was in fact a few WEEKS. He wanted another direction to this campaign, another element that would not only boost support but help with donations too. So the t-shirt was born. Less than a week after the concept of T came around, he was on the phone to me planning and discussing the shoot. It was Thursday (I think), the tops would be delivered to him on Monday, we wrapped up the shoot with our fabulous model friends on Wednesday and the campaign was live that weekend.

We decided that we’d shoot at Fistral, the beach ‘hub’ of Newquay and had the most amazing clear skies and low sun because of the time of day - and so with that wondered through the dunes, onto the beach and across to the rocks with 3 children and 4 adults. No problem. I’m super super happy with the shots we captured as I wanted a fuss-free, informal and fun approach to the shoot and believe that’s exactly what I got. The images have a look and feel like no other charity t-shirt campaign I’ve seen and that was exactly the point. 

The Noah t-shirt works incredibly well for 2 reasons… 1. Their fresh new branding and high-end quality create a great product in itself to own, but 2. The proceeds go directly to The Noah Project. So purchasing just one t-shirt will not only provide them with a healthy donation but you’ll be showing your support while wearing a beautifully designed and super comfy T!

Now available to purchase via iCandy Clothing so go show your support and grab one! 

Donations are also still welcome over on their JustGiving page too.



All in a days work.

Hayley & Leigh

Leigh didn’t think he ever wanted to get married - until he met Hayley. Hayley wasn’t 100% sure of what her life in Cornwall would look like, until she met Leigh. They both complete each other and push each other to succeed further; fate brought these two together and I couldn’t be more happy for them.

I couldn’t be more happy for many reasons but the first is that fate didn’t just bring Hayley and Leigh together, it brought Hayley and I together too. When Hayley decided to leave London and move to Cornwall…alone…I offered a friendly chat over coffee to discuss work and life only to realise that I’d met a friend for life; who became a catalyst for so many other events including the opportunity for me to capture and attend her wedding day with one of the best groups of family and friends I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. So let me introduce you to the Bisofsky-Pope Wedding. A day like no other.

I’d like to start by quoting part of Jo’s speech from their ceremony and say that Hayley is never “only Hayley, or just Hayley” and anyone that knows her will understand exactly what this means, so you can imagine that when it came to her wedding day it would be nothing short of perfect. And that it was. Storm included.

I started the day up in the Penthouse of The Star & Garter where we sipped on coffee, discussed plans and admired Hayley’s dress and flowers whilst the hair and make-up stations - complete with sea views across the harbour - were occupied on rotation.

The ocean was definitely a theme for the day, highlighting Hayleys’ reasons to move and providing us all with incredible views as it wasn’t long before I then met two 1950’s coaches that collected myself and the guests outside of the Greenbank hotel ready to transport us all to our next location. We hopped on and drove over to the Roseland via the King Harry ferry (so that we could see the sea again) to the incredible St Just church - a stunning 13th century building that sits nestled into the hillside surrounded by sub-tropical gardens, directly on the estuary. 

Following on from a beautifully personal and perfectly chosen service with additional vocals and instruments played throughout it was time for some group shots, confetti throwing and quick chats before the impending rain. We all made it back to the coaches just before the heavens opened which then took us down to St Mawes and parked up on the pier so we could then make a dash for the Ferry that sat…I say sat, it swayed….swayed waiting for us to embark on a crossing non of us will forget. I’ve described this trip like that scene in Titanic where the choir plays through the surrounding chaos to calm the situation, but in our case, it was a group of good old shanty singers! Despite the fact that no one could stand and drinks were spilling they clutched onto anything they could in the corner and sung their little hearts out whilst we all screamed, laughed and (some) threw up. Once over the initial bumps a few of us decided that it was worth taking a trip to the top deck - so with my camera tucked under one arm and the other clinging on to the hand rail half way up the stairs, the captain shouts “hold on to anything you can, I’m about to turn”….all I could do was scream with laughter as I watched Hayley and Leigh in front of me stood with a wide stance, holding onto each other as well as the bench along the centre of the deck. This was of course only made better by half of the boat then joining us to pour a prosecco or 10 as we made a safe arrival into Falmouth! 

A short walk later, soaked through every layer we all arrived to The Star & Garter where Marissa had done an amazing job decorating and dressing the room with more of her beautiful floral creations. Eucalyptus swept around the pillars, a single succulent perched on top of the menus and name cards that demonstrated beautiful hand calligraphy sat at each place.

It was then time to be seated for some of the best, most entertaining speeches ever, (complete with an emoji prop) three courses of S&G’s infamous dishes, lashings of drink, dancing, photos and a one-man-band sensation that set the tone for the evening. I’m not sure half of the guests made it to dessert as the dance floor remained full post second course but that’s what made the evening so fun!

Hayley and Leigh I cannot thank you both enough for having me as a guest/photographer for the day, it was the best fun and witnessing the pair of you take the first step in your next giant chapter was an honour. Thanks also to your family and friends for welcoming me in and taking the time to make me feel like one of the gang.

Here’s to the healthiest, happy and ‘project’-full lives together.

Lizzie xxx

Dress: Eliza Jane Howell from St Ives Bridal room

Make-Up: Suzi Winter

Flowers: Flowers with M & Toro

Location: Star & Garter


Juliet Bailey

As most of you will know, my instagram tends to be a pallet of white and black neutral tones mixed with hints of colour, but always with a prominent reminder of Cornish blue, so when the brief for this shoot was dark, gritty and grainy I was actually pretty excited! Don’t get me wrong, I love the bright, clean and crisp images I produce - I wouldn’t be me without them - but having the chance to produce something unique and individual to Juliet meant I had to approach the whole shoot with a different mindset and I loved it! Of course, light was still the main focus…or should I say lack of it but my goodness it made the movement, posture and positioning of Juliet Bailey even more beautiful. 

Juliet is a fantastic pilates instructor who contacted me with a mood-board and vision in mind for what she wanted to re-create on her own website and so that’s exactly what we did! With navy and salmon-y colours within her brand identity we wanted to keep the shadows strong with navy hues and slithers of light highlighting the shapes and form of Juliet as I observed her working through a routine that’s so regular to her.

I never like people to feel uncomfortable in front of the camera so I simply sat, stood and lay in various positions inside the most beautifully large and slightly run down hall with the most amazing windows that illuminated my subject…from behind…! By documenting in this way, what we produced were gorgeous, un-intrusive images that are neither commercial or too staged. They show pilates in almost an art form, which I suppose it is. I was mesmerised watching Juliet flow so effortlessly between each pose, taking deep breaths then floating into her next position; it was like watching a dance performance  - on my own! Aha

So feast your eyes on a selection from our day and do feel free to contact Juliet of you’re interested in booking a class.

This session certainly made me re-think my fitness as well as shooting yet more film and letting myself create more dark and gritty images. 


Delicate and chunky with a nod to the equestrian lifestyle, these pieces of jewellery are individual and unique as the next. It was an ideal pairing in that case for Abi from A Country Lady to feature in our informal lifestyle shoot which captured them all just as Abi and I would wear them. Stacked up or worn alone, Victorious jewellery is the perfect addition to any outfit and personal style.

Based up in Yorkshire nestled in the countryside lies a quant studio where maker Viki crafts each piece and where the whole collection was sent for us to have a peak! We were fortunate enough to not only have lovely preview of all the items but produce images for use on our blogs and Victorious website too; so go follow the links and check out this unique jewellery collection.

Here are a few of my favourites!

An engagement with: Felicity & Luke

Who knew that one of my most last minute shoots (booked 48 hours before arrival time) would turn out to be one of my most favourites…ever. The reason for this? Luke proposed to Felicity at Kynance Cove only ONE week to the day previously so wanted to celebrate with some engagement images in the exact same spot before they headed back to Dubai that same week! And who am I to turn down ANY of the above..?!

The weather looked incredible so we were all set an excited for the day ahead….except one small problem; we were in one of the most beautiful spots in Cornwall in the middle of the summer holidays. Now, despite Kynance being a spectacular spot, I’d never previously had problems parking up there — until this day. I had to queue going down to the Lizard and queue off the turning straight into the first overflow parking field on my right…at the end of a very long walk down to the beach. Great. Fortunately Felicity & Luke got there just before I had and spotted me arriving otherwise problem 2 would have been imminent as the plan was to meet at the bottom! The real problem ‘2’ was in fact that with this phenomenal amount of people all descending on the beach we were going to struggle with space on the beach to shoot. With some quick thinking and a few ‘location’ changes with some clever angling though, i’m pretty sure we almost managed to make it look like we were the only ones on the beach!

I had the best day shooting with Luke & Felicity as we wandered around and snapped away. We spoke on the walk down about how they wanted to go for a very relaxed and informal approach to their shoot with nothing too staged or fussy so that’s exactly what we did. I documented them with a couple of suggestions of which way to walk, how to stand and where they should look but apart from my small amount of direction, we kept it very social and fun. Perfection! 

Another suggestion I make to couples is to consider their outfits for the day; you’ll usually want to go for something fairly neutral, simplistic but complimentary towards each other and I have to say, Felicity’s choice was all that and more. Having a dress emphasised the crazy winds we had that day which created beautiful movement and fluidity to the images as well as a feminine touch. Using the rocks, stones, sand and ocean as different backdrops, the tones and textures really pulled to the colours in the outfits too which I absolutely LOVE.

All in all, theres nothing I can fault about this shoot and I’m incredibly grateful to Felicity & Luke fro trusting me to capture their session just how they imagined it. Even if it was windier than we anticipated - I think it only added to the day!



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