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Sun Bleached

What do you do when Falmouth gets a mini heatwave and you have a fabulous model and make-up artist at your disposal, you go shoot fashion in tropical gardens like you’re on a campaign in Bali…naturally!

In all seriousness though, I’d been wanting to work with new faces, shoot some fashion and let myself be inspired and challenged to shoot something completely different! I love the relaxed vibe of so many other photographers from all over the world that are super fortunate to be shooting in Hawaii, Australia and Bali so wanted to bring that to our collaboration.

With our team all set and a beautiful tropical gardens located in my hometown, Falmouth, we decided that faded denim, bleached out hues and beach wear would really help set the tone and feel of the shoot perfectly so pulled together a few outfits from Yana’s incredible wardrobe whilst she was having her make-up done!

The phrase ‘dress for the job you want’ is a statement I find myself coming back to over and over again recently in relation to my work and where I want to be because lets face it, if you’re not putting yourself out there and testing where you want to be, you’ll never make it. I recently shared with a friend that I’d love to go back to Australia and it would make the trip so much more special if I could book some shoots whilst out there too, so I stared to imagine what that would look like. Whilst shooting recently, the location (and heat!) couldn’t have looked more like Australia, which sparked that vision and goal in me again - it felt like I was already there! Moments like this are important when driving yourself forward in your career and I guess, is what this shoot was all about. We all have a place we want to see ourselves in, have a style that defines us and a clientele that you pinch yourself over; so shooting with Yana & Charlotte, we pulled these visions together, as a team and put ourselves in a place we hoped to continually be in the future.

And with that, we changed sets, outfits, mixed up the composition a bit and ended up shooting one of my favourite fashion stories, to date…in Cornwall…although we really could have been anywhere in the world.

I guess where I’m going with this and what I want to share with you all, is to chase those dreams, manifest those goals and ‘dress for the job you want’ as you never know where it may take you, or who you may meet in doing so. 

Model: Yana Griffin

Make-up: Charlotte Albert

Kia & Harry

I’m so excited to now finally have the long awaited blog post for the incredible wedding of Kia & Harry! You’ll probably recognise them both as only a few weeks ago I posted their engagement blog from our session in beautiful St Mawes, but my goodness, I couldn’t wait to shoot their day after discussing plans, decor and images to capture.

Now, Kia & Harry’s wedding wasn’t quite what you’d usually expect as they had not one, but two ceremonies! This is purely down to there not being a suitable time for the registrar to visit (as Cornwall is just super busy with weddings!) so they had their ‘official’ ceremony with a small gathering of their wedding party and family then headed back to get re-ready for take 2 - their celebratory ceremony surrounded by a much larger group of friends that all came down from London with special effort to one guy who flew in from San Fran!

I have to say, having two ceremonies was a great way to break up the day and it also meant constant grazing throughout the day with FIVE food courses throughout. 

Between lawn games, a photo board, props, drinks outside the barn, canapés and a characaturist there was entertainment and a brilliant atmosphere from start to finish with the sun beaming down on Nancarrow’s stunning grounds. 

With couple shots, group shots, family portraits and informal shots finished I popped into the barn before the wedding party descended for their wedding breakfast to capture the gorgeous interior detailing that was fluent through the whole day. Each guest received a succulent favour (dreaaam!) which created a minimal, clean table that was complimented with similar tones from the white roses and eucalyptus draped along the beams above. From their confetti cups to the cake and signed print every single detail was well thought out and suited the couple perfectly. A modern, country take on classic sounds a little confused but trust me, it was all perfect.

With this being the third time I’d seen Kia & Harry and second time meeting some of their friends and family it was so easy for me to slip into conversation with everyone there. They were all so welcoming which made the day so much more special, creating such a lovely relationships that ease the atmosphere when snapping away; as lets face it they have to put up with me following them allll day.

I have to say, I got a tad emotional when finishing this set as it’s been the most lovely journey meeting these two and being involved on their big day. Kia & Harry, you’ve been an absolute pleasure to work with and I genuinely consider you all friends. I hope that after your wedding and honey-moon blues that the wait for these images has been worth it so that you can all, once more, re-live the very start of the next chapter in your lives. I wish you both a lifetime of health and happiness and can’t thank you enough for having me.



Location: Nancarrow

Dress: Half Penny London

Hair: Rosanne Abell

Make-up: Genevieve Dey

Flowers: George Mackay

Cake: Georgina Davies

Saltwater Seeker

On one of the hottest days of the year so far and with Cornwall looking a spitting image of the Med I was lucky enough to spend 5 hours on Crantock beach shooting for Ann’s Cottage! Not only did we shoot their own lines ‘Born by the Sea’ and ‘Saltwater Seeker’ but  also captured a variety of brands they stock including Roxy, Seafolly, Passenger & Billabong.

Born in Polzeath with stores now across the whole of Cornwall, Ann’s Cottage represents everything about that life-by-the-sea; those long beach days, bbq nights, a weekend surfing, paddle-boarding with friends or just a long walk along the coast, so this is exactly what we wanted to capture!

So in crazy heat, on a super windy day, we managed to shoot TWENTY outfits that ranged from summer bikinis to winter hoodies making sure we had enough content to share across the year promoting fresh brands across all social platforms as well as their Ann’s Cottage website.

We started at midday when the tide was at its lowest enabling us to get right down to the rock pools and empty shoreline which I have to say, I’d never seen before! Despite visiting Crantock copious times previously for walks, shoots and beach days I hadn’t actually explored the whole permitter and certainly hadn’t been SO far down the beach at it’s lowest tide — it’s something I’d definitely recommend you all doing; I’m pretty sure no one recognised it at first from my Instagram snaps and it sounds like it’s not often it’s seen as low and as clear!

Working our way up from the shoreline, between the gullies, along the rocks, beach and into the dunes we avoided the incoming tide, snapped a huge variety of shots and watched the gannel fill ready for our last outfits of the day in the most bright, crystal waters I’ve seen in Newquay. It really was the most fun and I can’t wait for you to see all the images we captured over on Ann’s Cottage Instagram across the year. So without giving away toooo much, here’s a taste of what we got up to!

Ambassador & Model: Corinne Evans

Here also are a couple behind there scenes from our shoot!

Botanical Bride

Sometimes a shoot can be for no other reason than to collaborate with your favourite creatives, and that’s exactly what we all did!

Having worked with Charlotte Albert for the first time on our Azura Bay shoot back in January, we’d since discussed collaborating on a Bridal shoot to boost our content and portfolios so we then set about to pull together a team for our styled shoot!

We were both keen to shoot Ailsa Munro’s beeeaaautifull wedding gowns so it was amazing to finally get my hands on two of her pieces to shoot in a location that hadn’t been seen in previous editorials or weddings. Jen from Twigs & Greens was also an easy choice for flowers and with Charlottes friends Ro & Lucy available for hair and modelling, we had a strong team ready to go!

Knowing we wanted to steer away from a location that had previously complimented Ailsa’s dresses, we had a think about our options of houses, estates, gardens and grand buildings and decided that we’d head to one of my local ‘attractions’, Trebah Gardens. It actually has to be one of my favourite spots as the garden is so diverse; boasting so many beautiful backdrops, filled with colour and texture, I knew we wouldn’t be short on places to snap away on an overcast spring day.

With most Bridal editorials, you’d expect to see bright, clean and soft images that portray that of a wedding day - selling that idyllic, floaty and pretty gown, but I wanted to shoot Ailsa’s beautiful pieces with more of a fashion approach than bridal, capturing moody and atmospheric frames.

So with two dresses to shoot around the garden we started up at the top in front of Trebah house and worked our way down through to the incredible giant bamboo ‘forest’; which has to be a favourite of mine - I’ve popped a Bride & Groom in there before and will happily do it again! Aha

If you’re planning a wedding yourself and are looking for any suppliers then do not hesitate to check out this lovely tribe below. It was only a few weeks ago that Ro & I worked on a wedding together and Charlotte and I will see each other later in the year for another as well as for copious fashion shoots (that you’ll see asap!)

Hope you all love the images as much as I do and if you have any questions or are looking to collaborate yourself, then do get in contact!



Model: Lucy Frost

Gowns: Ailsa Munro

MUA: Charlotte Albert 

Hair: Rosanna Abell

Bouquet: Twigs & Greens

Location: Trebah Gardens

Ignite Life Retreat

Life coaching? So what is it and what do you do? 

This is something most people have asked me since hearing of my retreat and if they’ve not yet, are probably thinking the same; so this post will hopefully answer your questions as I fill you all in after my wonderful Sunday spent with Hayley and Helen - Ignite Life’s’ amazing instructors in yoga and life coaching!

For anyone who sets goals and targets to help manifest their ‘life by design’, you’ll know the importance of a positive mindset and a clear vision. Ignite Life retreat helped me re-evaluate and re-track my vision as well as push me to take bigger steps in making an outrageously ‘out there’ decision seem totally achievable. Now I’m not just talking about work here, I’m talking about life. Your location, lifestyle, hobbies, passion and traveling are all pieces of a much bigger picture that is completely attainable if you just break it down and work on it! 

Within Hayley’s coaching workshops I was able to look back at my past and eliminate elements that have potentially been holding back my confidence and highlight any strengths and attributes I’ve gained because of it, which felt amazing. Now let me just stress here that in NO way do you have to be in a ‘bad place’ or need ‘help’ in life to attend these retreats. By booking on you shouldn’t feel like you’re packing your bags for a big therapy session but it bridges the gap between a chat with a friend, and someone who will pull out the necessary positives from your life and help you keep on track to achieving what you want from your future. It’s a cleanse; a focus on GOOD and an escape from day to day life to re-coup. 

Helens yoga then emphasised loss of negativity and focus on these positives throughout her sessions that were split between Yang to Yin, Yin and finishing with the most incredibly relaxing Yoga Nidra that left me feeling well and truly restored!

After fire-side chats with cake and a herbal tea, we sat around as a group discussing the day and how genuinely happy we all felt! Sometimes we all get so caught up in work, routine, gossip and what other people think of us that sitting back and looking at our very own journeys can remind us of how resilient we all are. 

So if you’re looking for a day retreat surrounded by some fabulous females who share the same go-get attitude then you really need to book on to the next day Hayley and Helen have to offer! I can’t wait for their weekend long trip to appear!

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