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You may or may not know that over the last year and a half I’ve been running a couple of studio workshops with the students covering some basic portrait set ups and a little re-touching; so two weeks ago I returned with something a little different!

The second years are a such a great group and have achieved SO much in the last year alone that I wanted to go in with something that they could play with and develop themselves; so after creating a simple mood-board for my model and make up artist, we popped into the studio! Taking with me four sheets of coloured card and a couple of palms I’d bought/plucked it gave the students the option of four colours to shoot in front of and the choice of incorporating props or not all while having a bright, clean and tropical vibe (I’m trying to manifest some sun, okay).

Maisie is such a great model to work with as she knows her angles and is super confident in front of the camera, so I knew it would make the portrait session relaxed as well as fun without there being too much pressure over posing and direction. Make-up is also a key element when arranging a shoot - it pulls together the whole look and creates the most beautiful tones in your images as well as enhancing the models facial features. A great make up artist will save you a huge amount of time in post production by creating a flawless face with correct colour and coverage, and this is exactly what Charlotte Albert did!

I’m so so pleased with what the students captured as they each made it their own, and that’s what I’d hoped! Having props and a brilliantly supportive group around them, I watched as they bounced ideas of each other, encouraged one another, tried something different and asked questions to help further their knowledge and interest.

As a fellow alumni and great friend of mine, Philip Trengove was also there for the morning as he quite often pops in too. It was great for him to also offer advise, suggest techniques and get the students thinking about what it is they were looking for in each of their shots. Maybe, Phil and I will offer these workshops out to the public soon too; you never know ;)

So after a great session, I also took some shots to share with you all as well as some of what the students produced!

Thanks again to Marcus Way for having us all!



Model: Maisie Tooley

MUA: Charlotte Albert

Images below by Emma Coster - Love these!

A Guide to: Wedding Suppliers

You’re getting married YAYYYY and you get to plan all the beautiful and all the exciting. YAYYYY but OH MY GOODNESS where do I start and why are there fifty-one-bazillion Make-Up artists in Cornwall..? Sound familiar? I bet.

It’s funny how often I sit and chat to my couples about suppliers but it’s become something I almost ask on auto-pilot now! I’ve been fortunate enough to work and meet with SO many amazing businesses within the industry in Cornwall that it’s only natural I part with my wedding wisdom to those who are seeking a little inside knowledge. I even found myself typing up and printing out a help sheet recently - YES, really, so I thought it was only time that I created a little blog for you featuring my favourite stylists, make-up artists, florists, hire, caterers AND a Wedding planner/coordinator - in case you fancy handing over 90% responsibility too! 

The first thing usually to book is your venue, quickly followed by your registrar (with date and time), then once you have a location and date you can contact and book your photographer….and let everything else fall in to place…HA! No, but seriously, here are a few of who I’d then start to book:

Make up Artist (MUA)

This will be completely dependant on the Bride and her preference; some will be looking for a classic bridal look, some will be happy for a friend to do it and some will be looking for contoured cheekbones and long dark lashes - we’re all different and that’s the best bit so I hope the following will help you all out!

Stacey Cremin

Despite not yet working with Stacey on a wedding I have absolute faith in her to create just what you’re after. With the knowledge and passion for creating edgy high-end looks as well as soft bridal tones, you’ll be sorted….that and she’s the winner of the South West Wedding awards 2017 ;)

Katarina Lategan

Having trained with Sally Orchard, Katarina proved herself to be one of the most lovely and competent make up artist I’ve worked with and provided two stunning Bridal looks for our editorial at Heligan last year whilst assisting Sally!

Seija Richards

Despite only being in the make-up business a few years, Seija is FAR from inexperienced and has the most amazing natural flair for creating your perfect Bridal look.

Charlotte Albert

Fresh into her own business only a few months ago, Charlotte’s success speaks for itself; having already worked for a big campaign alongside myself and Corinne Evans, she’s definitely one to keep an eye out for!

Orchard Make Up & Beauty

Not only have I worked with Sally on copious Weddings but she created two beautiful Bridal looks on our editorial too; as one of the biggest names in Cornwall with numerous awards and features including 2017 Wedding Industry award winner, you can see why I’m recommending her!

Hair Stylist

Again, this will be completely down to the Brides preference but below are some of the best in the business!

Alice Jane Hair Design

With over 10 years experience in the UK & Australia, Alice has been self employed for the last two years within mobile hair and the wedding industry creating classic and more relaxed styles for your day.

Goldbird Hair Design

Joanne has become quite the infamous name within the hair industry creating high-end looks for editorials as well as those more suite to weddings and beyond!

Poppi MacDonald

Poppi has built an amazing reputation throughout her hair styling career and is happy to take on wedding hair, often working alongside, friend and salon colleague Emma (see below).

Emma Westgarth Hair Design

Having worked and built her way up to salon manager, Emma has since gone on to become self employed taking her whole clientele with her as well as weddings where again, you can book her alone, or alongside Poppi!


With SO many options out there from classic roses to wild flowers and exotic succulents, your bouquet may take some thinking - these lovely ladies below though, will be able to advise on and create exactly what you’re after.

Twigs & Greens

Jen is a bouquet Godess, I honestly love what she creates so much. We worked together on a styled shoot with EVE where she brought along the most amazing bouquet I’ve ever seen as well as helped style, decorate and complete the table settings - her vision is just incredible.

Flowers with M

Like Jen, Marissa has such a lovely natural flair with pulling together effortless, stunning and complimentary pieces; despite being fairly new to the industry she is already a stand-out florist who I hope to work with!

Wedding Flowers in Cornwall

I’ve met Anna a few times when her friendly face has popped round the corner, delivering bouquets and button holes on various wedding days and she always delivers. I’ve seen relaxed wild flowers, formal pieces and almost…sculptured creations amongst her work, so you’re sure to get exactly what you vision.


I still have yet to work with Loulabel, (trust me, I will) but it doesn’t stop me from featuring her upon one of my highest recommendations to the industry. Her eye for colour, details and texture is just stunning so is totally with checking out.

Wedding Hire

When a cliff side wedding is what you desire, or a rustic barn, lack of decoration may be a slight problem, so let me introduce you to the ladies who have everything you’ll need.

Elle Inspire Hire

Elle provides some of the most beautiful pieces in the industry and is sure to be able to add glamour, vintage charm, rustic tones or coastal vibes to your day, where ever you choose to celebrate! 


As well as flowers, Anna can provide a variety of props, plates and interior decor to complete your desired styling including the beautiful glass & bead pieces as well as vessels below!

Virginia’s Vintage Hire

As pictured above, Virginia’s vintage hire supply the most beautiful furniture, large props and even bikes to complete your wedding day, all with an adorable rustic charm so you can literally take your wedding anywhere!


Holly Young

Holly is taking the millinery world by storm down here in Cornwall creating not only the most amazing fascinators and hats, but delicate lace bands and feather button holes. Just go look!

Event Planning & Co-ordination


Charlotte has to be the biggest wedding contact book EVER; this, paired with her event career means she’s a pretty unstoppable, top class coordinator - What EVE doesn’t know, isn’t worth knowing, if you know what I mean. ;)


Along with your rustic barn or table in the woods, you’ll most likely require some food (my favourite bit!) and these two come absolutely second-to-non when it comes to food. The only thing you need to decided is whether you prefer your plate to be wood fired or not!

Kerra’s Catering Cornwall

Last year I had the pleasure of Photographing the most beautiful wedding at Trebah that followed by an evening reception placed out under the stars just outside Mawnan where I met Kerra and her team and OH MY goodness. Just phenomenal!

Woodfired Canteen

If there’s one thing you need to know, its that Ben knows how to BBQ! Starting at Nancarrow with hand reared meats and home grown veg, you’ll now find Woodfired Canteen all over the globe cooking up a banquet or two so your best to pin him down quick for your big day!

So there you have it, I could really go on but this post is already larger than I anticipated. (May have gotten carried away) Please do get in touch if you’d like any recommendations for your wedding day, I seem to have become quite the Wedding planner over the last few years too and I’m so grateful for it. Being the photographer means I spend literally, the entire day with the wedding party, and if it wasn’t for that, I wouldn’t have meet or worked alongside the incredible talent above! So thanks to all my couples, I couldn’t write this without you all!



Richard & Amy

On Saturday I had the absolute pleasure of heading to the Roseland to meet up with the lovely Richard and Amy for their engagement shoot. Richard had only contacted me a mere two days before, telling me of his trip to Cornwall to suss out some Wedding venues despite living all the way in Stratford upon Avon! It’s actually not the first couple I’ve met doing the same too - Yay for Cornwall owning the wedding scene! ;) Without being too bias though, it is absolutely stunning AND we have some of the best vendors and suppliers in the UK! (I’ll be sure to share that with you later in another blog!)

With Richard & Amy staying just up the road in St Austell, I was delighted for them to suggest meeting at Porthcurnick beach which is not only home to the infamous Hidden Hut but is a small stroll from the adorable town of Porthscatho - so we had plenty to work with!

We wanted to capture natural, informal shots as well as some slightly posed shots, without being too intrusive, and again, varied angles/locations/sets/emotions throughout. Think reportage style, with a hint of romance as well as fun! ;)

Walking along the beach is always a great way to start to give the couple a moment to relax and get into the shoot without my lens in their faces, so once we’d done a few takes, I then led them to the rocks and cliff for some added tone and texture. I love to grab as much detail as I can when shooting, so despite some people probably questioning my frames of feet, or cropped out heads, it’s more about the movement, texture, outfits, RINGS and emotion of the day too. It ALL adds to the individuality of the couple and makes each shoot as unique as the next! :)

With beach shots done, we popped over to the cafe to grab hot chocolates and take a seat so that I could expand upon Richard & Amys’ story. Toasting take-out cups certainly has to be a new one, but we were celebrating after all! ;)

With the sun setting, I was hoping to grab some delicious golden hour shots but by the time we’d returned to the shore we’d lost it again! A shame, but we hadn’t lost out by any means as - I think we can all agree - they absolutely nailed every shot! Absolute naturals! 

Thanks again so much to Richard & Amy for a great afternoon exploring new grounds, I’m glad we managed to meet during your brief trip and that you also managed to make it over to Falmouth before your drive home!



Lost Girls

I’m super happy for this Editorial to FINALLY be out there! We shot this back in March of 2016 in the beautiful Gardens of Heligan and haven’t been able to show anyone since! I’m so so proud of this editorial for so many reasons but the biggest being that it was well…the biggest! Having a team of 9 isn’t easy to organise, but between us ladies, copious amounts of emails, shop visits, referrals and hard work, we did it! 

The idea was to showcase as much homegrown, homemade, self employed Cornish talent as possible and I believe we achieved it! I’m so lucky to not only know a fair few people in the Bridal and Wedding industry, but have friends in the business too, and this, is essentially where the whole shoot began! 

So here it is - go take a peak!

As I mentioned in my blog last week from my shoot with Azura Bay, location is so so important and this WHOLE shoot came to life because of a trip I’d taken to The Lost Gardens of Heligan with my family. We walked down through the orchard into the walled garden and as I turned to my right THERE. IT. WAS. The most amazing Greenhouse with it’s sloped roof off the red brick wall, slate tiles and tropical plants. It was right there, in that moment I knew exactly the shot I wanted; so it was now time to make it happen! 

I knew I had make-up and hair sorted, so between our contacts and with a little casting call, we had a team of TWELVE to pull the shoot together. Styling is another very important element and so once we’d decided upon soft, peachy, delicate tones with hints of metallic and a nod to the ‘lost gardens’, Jo was able to piece each outfit together so that not only did we have the dresses alone, but with unique styling suggestions for those Brides looking for something original and ‘on theme’. Holly even made us our very own Heligan ‘headpiece’ with peachy/pink and polkadot feathers in!

Having the whole gardens to shoot in meant we had literally acres and acres of options but with the Weddings at Heligan taking place up in the gardens I wanted to keep the shoot fairly close, and to be honest, there was so much to work with, it would have taken us all day to shoot our way around the place!

Again, we wanted each model to shoot in at least two different locations, which meant moving between 8 ‘sets’; each time, hair, make up and styling was tweaked and adjusted so that we’d included all head pieces, jewellery and alternative styling throughout the whole shoot. It’s a lot to keep on top of and I think I can speak for the whole team when I say we were all exhausted by the time we finished at 4pm! I honestly love what we created though and each member of the team brought so much to the shoot - they will remain favourites forever! If you are a soon-to-be-bride, I can’t recommend the team below enough! I’d also suggest you take a look around Heligan and consider getting married there (I know I would!) PLUS, you now know of a great Photographer to capture your day there too! ;)

I’ll leave you now with details of the team and most importantly the FIRST look into the whole entire shoot! ENJOY!

You can also head to Vow Magazine to read the full interview!

Location: The Lost Gardens of Heligan

Stylist: Jo Chatterley

Make Up: Orchard Make Up & Beauty & Katarina Lategan Make Up

Hair: Alice Jane Hair Design

Dresses: Lavender Rose

Headpieces: Holly young Headwear

Flowers: The Flower studio Falmouth

Jewellery: Sadie Jewellery

Models: Chloe Netherton, Chloe Drew, Maisie Tooley, Poppy Guy

Thanks again to the amazing team!



Azura Bay

Once again, I had the absolute pleasure of shooting with Corinne Evans for Azura Bay; so we set about finding a location and make-up artist that would compliment the shoot. Neither of us had worked with Charlotte Albert before but having contacted Corinne previous to the shoot with a great portfolio Charlotte seemed a perfect fit and really proved it on the day! Charlotte set up upstairs where she had the best light for make-up while I lay out the lingerie with some of Corinne’s outfits and the most beautiful jewellery supplied by Tegan; so once we’d all stopped gawking at the amazing views, and waving to the cows it was time to get make up under way!

With hair and make up done, we set about shooting the collection of 6 lingerie sets as well as a casual bralette and jeans number, because, well, it’s easy to dress any of these pieces up or down! I took a good look at each room on arrival so that I could work out if any outfits suited a particular room better than another, focusing on complimentary colours, tones and textures to help each piece stand out. We also wanted to make sure we had a great variety of shots so that it didn’t all necessarily look like it was shot on the same day! Companies and brands want to be able to use the images over and over without the feeling of repetition or overuse so we tried to shoot each piece in at least two locations as well as using different levels, emotion and atmosphere. Creating a story helps with setting up shoots like this too, so Corinne modelled almost a ‘day in the life’ so that we had morning through to night demonstrating varying scenarios to really showcase each item.

As well as the right model and styling for a shoot, the location plays just as an important role in creating the right atmostphere and identity for a brand and Panorama in Mawgan Porth was just PERFECT! We had the house for the entire day which enabled us to benefit from its huge lounge, dining room and SIX bedrooms that were all filled with beaming sunshine ALL DAY over looking the North Coast of Cornwall! We also lucked out hugely with the weather on the COLDEST day of the year so far - not that you can tell! So with each element in place, it was time to get shooting!

Thanks again to Azura Bay,

Model: Corinne Evans

MUA: Charlotte Albert

Jewellery: Tegen

Location, Panorama, Mawgan Porth


Lizzie x

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