Lizzie Churchill | Fashion Photographer

Rebecca & Josh

This wedding was the first of a few this year where I get to capture the friends I grew up with and went to school with! Josh however, was not only in my primary school class but went to school camp and was in my secondary school tutor group with the usual suspects who I’ve seen many a times since too! A few years have obviously passed since then but it’s funny how the people you’ve known this long will forever remain as the ones that you always get on with, no matter how much time has passed between. I’ve known Rebecca just as long too - again, same schools and we both took Art together (although Bec’s being slightly younger). We also have the bond of both being twins; there was only three sets of us unique-beings at school and she was one of the others, the remaining pair have also had their weddings captured by me (Kate’s being tomorrow!) so it’s just Adam left now! ;)

As for the Wedding, I’m pretty sure it fell on one of the hottest days we’ve seen this year AND the same day England played the semi-final of the World Cup, so between the heat and the football there was a lot of people taking shade from the sun…..or just to sit and catch the game. We had a super calm morning with the girls before heading to Penryn Town Hall which was the most bright and ‘clean’ space for their ceremony. The incredible vintage busses brought the Bride, her Bridesmaids and Father to the church then took the majority of the Wedding guests to their reception which was held at Chycara. It’s only the second time I’ve shot a wedding here after the gorgeous Cathy and Anthony’s but was surprised to see how much it had changed and developed over the last few years with a bigger venue space, new decking area and a few additions to the garden and pond. With so much space available, Rebecca and Josh really utilised this so their guests could take welcome drinks outside to listen to the gorgeous Billie Alderman who was singing on the decking, as well as setting up multiple garden games in the grounds with ample seating too for those wanting to enjoy the views.

Inside, the Pimms bar and biscuits provided to be popular and can you believe that ALL the flowers were hand grown, picked and arranged by Josh’s super talented Mum! The planters at each end of the top table looked incredible and could at least be kept and continue to grow in the garden. With a colour pallet of white, pastel greens and blue, an amazing copper frame for guests to take album snaps and the most insane cake with macaroons, popcorn and salted caramel, the decorations and styling were definitely a well considered and thought out element of the day.

Post formal and group shots, the garden party style wedding continued as guests were able to line up for Posh Kebabs and personalised ice-cream from the trucks outside before sitting back inside for the speeches. With the sun slowly starting to set, the garden once again filled with everyone playing games, meandering, discussing the England win and participating in the occasional giant jenga session as I took the coupe aside for a few last images. I always think if the time allows for it (and the weather), that sunsets shots are a must-have to add to your wedding album - the light is incredible and it allows you to have more relaxed, informal images AND some time to yourselves again…just for a little while.

I honestly had the best day capturing this beautiful wedding and can’t thank Rebecca & Josh enough for having me; the bridesmaids were so so lovely and helpful, as were the rest of their friends and family and it really did feel like I was part of the entire day with them. I hope you enjoy reminiscing through your special day again and wish you both all the best for your future!



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